Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sports, Stats and Social Psychology

Eyup :)

So, by the looks of things, second year has really kicked in. I've submitted my first essay of the year (the evolution of intelligence) and my first lab report. It’s amazing how fast I've forgotten how to use SPSS over the summer, but I’m quite surprised at how readily I've picked it up again.

We've had our portfolio work assigned for two modules, Developmental & Social Psychology and Individual Difference. As it turns out, they are both asking for a couple of shorter essays (500 words) and a CV. A couple of us have started going to the library at the same time each week so we can get it done – and to be honest I’m enjoying the work in developmental a great deal more than I thought I would. We’re doing all sorts of stuff, from how babies respond to monkey calls to adolescence.

While I am going on fewer nights out because of the work, I have made an effort to get involved in societies! As I’ve said before, I’m an active member of LGBT, so lots of socials and society meetings for that. I’m branching out into sports though, which isn't like me! This week I've joined the Judo Society (http://www.suug.co.uk/sports/judo/), so I will be donning my Gi and getting back onto the mat after a couple of years out. Back to white belt for me!

On a side note, we have an Open Day coming up! It’s on Saturday 23rd of November, and is across all three campuses. There will be staff on hand to talk to about course options, campus and accommodation tours, and plenty of current students (including me!) to talk to about what life is like here.  So if you get the chance, feel free to book a place on the Open Day online, or pop down on the day.

Ciao for now!