Friday, 21 March 2014


I woke up like this.

Eyup, Chicks J

Well, it has all been going on since my last blog post! I’ve managed to (sort of) wrangle my way onto the cheer squad ( –both delightful and exhausting in equal measure. Despite the preconception of cheer (pompoms and squealing) it is literally one of the most intensive and exhausting things I’ve ever done. EVER. Oh, and no pom poms for me!

I also had all the fun of going to see BeyoncĂ©! She was AMAZING, as expected – and after showing the photos to my other half, he was geeking out about how good the lighting was. Typical performing arts student.  So going to see Queen B left me with a croaky voice for a few days, which did not come in useful during student elections week >.<

Speaking of, my short-lived foray into the world of politics has happened since my last interweb-rant. I ran for the role of LGBT+ officer, a new role in the Students’ Union this year, and while I wasn’t successful, I learned a lot more from the experience than I thought I would, along with meeting an awful lot of new people through it too. No regrets!

Of course, I’m doing all of this around my degree. Sort of the reason I’m here, after all :’)

I’ve been given my exam timetable for this year, and to be honest it isn’t looking too bad! Three exams, and I’m feeling pretty confident about them – one in Statistics, one in Individual Difference and Abnormality, and one in Developmental and Social Psychology. While I’m confident about the material, I’m hoping that I won’t have to look too much into development again. Bah.

Anyways, that is more than enough ranting and more than enough with the selfies for one blog post. I’ll keep you in the loop with my goings on – keep an eye out for more posts!