Wednesday, 25 February 2015


So we’ve just come back from our University Nationals competition, and I’m really pleased with how it all went. I was part of UGM Navy, which is a co-ed level one squad, and we came third in our division. It’s really odd knowing that competition is done, but we are already working on stunts for next time, so watch out :)

I even flew a prep! 

Anyways, that’s more than enough rambling from me – I’ll post again shortly once I have more photos, and will most likely make a separate post for comp, just because so much happened :’)

Ciao ciao! 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Missing in action – again

Hi Guys!

So you may have noticed that I’ve not been blogging for a little while now – third year has seriously taken up a lot more of my time than anticipated and coupled with competition, studio time and work, sleep has been out of the question, let alone blogging. But I’ve got myself together, and I’m ready to get back into blogging. Fun fact of the day – blogging is good for you! “Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and …speeds healing after surgery” (Scientific American, 2008). Plus all the street cred you get from it.

So, what’s been going on, I hear you ask? Well, you’ve missed a great deal! My dissertation is ahead of schedule (surprisingly) and all the data is in – just a matter of assembling the thing now =|

I’ve had my first (and last) batch of exams for this year, so no more exams for me for the rest of my degree. Which is a little terrifying, as teaching has nearly finished too. It’s all starting to get quite real that my degree is pretty much over – I’ve just got to keep motivated for this last bit. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


So third year is officially in full swing.

My modules have all started, and I’m happy to say I got all of the ones that I wanted for term one and term two! Yay! So in term one I am studying Human Performance in Organisations, Social Forensic Psychology, and Social Psychology 3: Current Social Issues. Coupled with my dissertation work that sounds like a lot, but I really don’t mind when it is all work that I really enjoy doing.

My dissertation is going better than expected – if you’d asked me in first year how I thought that was going to go, I wouldn’t have been able to give a coherent answer, but now everything is starting to pan out (Thanks, supervisor!). Just tying together the last of my ethics work ready to submit, and if the research committee give it the thumbs up, then away I go with data collection! 

Of course, now that the academic year is back in full swing, so are sports and societies. Getting back into Judo and Cheer has been sore after a summer away from it, and needless to say I’m sitting at my desk whimpering and complaining about having sore legs. And shoulders.  And arms. And core. And pretty much everything that can be sore. But it is totally worth it. Anyway, swapping between my normal clothes, work clothes, my Gi and my cheer gear makes me feel kind superhero-ish, up until I waddle into work on a Wednesday after cheer – never been so thankful for the lack of stairs on my journey to work. Or my hot water bottle.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Back in the UK. Back in London. Back to Business.

So I’ve been back in the UK for a little while now, and the end of the summer is rolling around. Sorry for the lack of contact – been rushed off my feet!

I’ve been working as part of the clearing team for the University of Greenwich again, and honestly it has been such a laugh. Speaking to so many people that attend the same university is great, especially when they all study completely different subjects on completely different campuses. It gives a great chance to be able to meet people I wouldn’t have ordinarily met.

Then there are all the callers, chatters, emailers, tweeters and facebookers that I’ve encountered this summer. So many enquirers from all parts of the world, wanting to know a wide variety of things – from how to apply and when to register to what it is really like to be a student here. I’m lucky in that I’ve lived on campus for the last two years, going on nights out at the Students’ Union and being in a few societies, so I’ve been in the thick of all the action, really. So if people do ask the fateful question ‘What is it like to be a student at Greenwich?’ I can really call upon my experience, and the experience of my colleagues to give a real representation of student life here.

Time to begin year three, I guess! Can totally hear the fear in my voice when I say that, but I’m as ready now as I’ll ever be. Had more than enough hiccups in the last 23 years – If I can deal with those then there is nothing to stop me doing well this year.

Anyhow, I’ve got dissertation research to carry on with, and pictures of Avery Hill to get nostalgic over before the start of third year. Bring it on! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

No place like home

Hiyaaaa J

So I’ve not long gotten back from Italy (see my previous blog post) and I loved every second of it!
Sun, travel and teaching! After a great deal of coursework, stressing, sunburn and language barriers, I can now say I have my Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  So proud of it, and so proud of my class for all working so hard during my time there. Hopefully seeing them next year though!

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play J

Got to see a lot of the scenery out there, and even had a chance to hit the beach in Viareggio – complete with a surprise visit from the other half!

(Well done us for finding the energy to climb the Duomo – awkwardly the least knackering part of my time in Italy).

Out of all of my time there though, the photo above has to be my favourite. It was taken on a day when I took my class out for an afternoon, to explore south of the river – and I had set them the task of speaking English to each other all afternoon while I attempted Italian. I learned that my Italian seriously needs improving, but the Ponte Vecchio is pretty!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CTEFL – Starting the adventure!

Hi Guys!

So I’ve arrived safely after a long day of travelling. After leaving at 4.30 in the morning, getting to Heathrow, two flights and a short taxi ride, I’m here in my apartment in Florence! The flight from Rome to Florence has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, though, so it was definitely worth it. It’s a shame that the flight with the prettiest views was the shortest – the flight was allocated 1 hour, and we got from Rome to Florence in 20 minutes ><

I’ve spent the remainder of my day exploring and meeting my classmates – they’re all lovely, and also a little surprised as I’m the only Brit there. The other 11 people in my class are all from the USA, so they’re having a whale of a time with my accent. Luckily a couple of them speak pretty decent Italian, so we aren’t likely to starve while we are out here. Always a bonus. Although after spending the entire day hearing and seeing the language, along with experiencing the country for the first time, my (very) broken Italian is starting to come back! Hurrah! I managed to ask a lady for directions to the school from my apartment, which I was really pleased about as she understood me. In hindsight, it would have helped if I had thought before I asked, as I didn’t understand a word of the response.

 ‘Grazie’. *Hides around the corner and checks Google Maps*.

Also, the apartment is about a ten minute walk from Duomo di Firenze, which is amazing. I don’t think I've ever seen such beautiful architecture. Purely the fact that I've noticed it is a pretty good sign, as normally I don’t really notice that sort of thing, especially when I’m in a foreign country on my own without being able to speak the language and not knowing anyone. It all sounds pretty terrifying, but I reckon it’ll be a great way to find out more about other cultures and new experiences, along with being able to show myself that I can do this sort of thing.

I really can’t get over how much bustle and life the city has – or how friendly everyone is! I've struggled with my Italian a couple of times, and the people I have met up to now seem eager to help me learn, which is fantastic. A quick exasperated look and saying the word in English has caused a few giggles so far when going shopping, however, the giggles have been followed by a polite smile and being told the word in Italian, which seems to be helping it stick.

After a bit of administrative juggling, I’ve been switched across to the intensive programme, giving me a little more time to explore when I finish, which should be nice. Managed to alter my flight too, so direct from Pisa to Stansted, so even more exploring for me! 

Anyways, end of the first day and I already have homework to do – must dash.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Birmz - Part two

Eyup ducks!

So the adventures in Birmingham have begun. I took the flatmates and the boyfriend up to The Bullring – The shopping centre in town. Their reaction to how much cheaper stuff is in The Midlands was priceless. Also took them to a real Krispy Kreme place, complete with donut-producing conveyor belt and free donuts while you’re queuing. They were literally astounded, and it was beautiful.

We ended up going to a 90’s night last night at one of my old haunts, and it was literally like I’d never been away. We met up with my best friend from school, who is a fully-fledged grown up nowadays, as much as she won’t admit it :P. Naturally my parents were chatting with her for a while before moving onto the university lot. I’d sort of forgotten how much my dad could talk until we all got back to the house.

The 90’s night was an absolute blast. The nightclub was even better than I remember, and I've had the task of finding the least incriminating photo from that night out to put on here…

…and this was the best I could do. So lots of laughs were had, and the taxi driver who was taking us home took great pleasure in humiliating me. After stating that the song ‘Timber’ by Ke$ha is a bit of a life-ruiner (I have a habit of dancing awfully every time that song comes on, regardless of the situation), he decided that he had it on a CD in the car – so naturally I was trying to dance while cooped up in the back seat of a cab. I’m more of a dancing podium kind of guy, but you have to work with what you’re given I guess!

Anyways, I’m off to make a 1pm breakfast. The others are still all asleep somewhere in the house, so I probably should make some sort of attempt at finding them haha.

Ciao for now!