Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Single!

Eyup, Chicks J

So, it has been a rather exciting couple of weeks – hence the lack of blogs lately. Sorry guys! ><

So Italy is all confirmed, deposit is down, and accommodation and flights are sorted. Light change of plan though, I’m now being shipped off to Florence rather than Rome, which I’m rather pleased about. Honestly, I’m pretty chuffed, just because I feel like I’ll get more of a real experience of the place in somewhere not quite as touristy. Bring on the adventure!

Also, since the last blog, birthday adventures have happened! Having hit the ripe old age of 23, birthday celebrations happened in the form of a night out in SoHo with the best friends and my partner – what a night that was :’)

*tries to find least incriminating photo*

The single came out, too! Apparently now I exist outside of this blog and Tumblr;

…way too odd…

My course is going really well too, so serious business for that. We have just started getting marks back for our biology and statistics assignments – upper second in both, so it could be worse. Got plenty of exam prep to do for developmental and social psychology, too. As we’ve got all of the coursework done it is just a case of trying to learn all the material as best we can for the end of the year *eek*.

Doing really well at not hibernating, too, so well done me! The new Final Fantasy game came out last week, and ordinarily I would be indoors hibernating with coffee and the Xbox by now. Although I have warned my friends that if they come to mine, conversation will not happen if the Xbox is on. Nobody interrupts my FF time!