Monday, 7 April 2014

Birmz – Part one!

Eyup, me lovelies J

So this week, as it’s Easter and all, the flatmates, the boyfriend and I are headed to Birmingham for an adventure – figure I should  go with them, so they have a native there! 


We arrived this morning, just about in one piece, and are literally all fighting to stay awake so we can go to a cocktail bar later on this evening. Not that I’m one to turn down a cocktail, but I do love my sleep :P.

A couple of them crashed at my flat last night, and even though we set countless alarms, we still had to dash out of the flat at the last minute! If that isn’t proof that I’m not a morning person then I don’t know what is!

So one two trains, a tube and 2 buses later, we are casually all sitting in my house doing a big slice of nothing, and it’s delightful. Even managed to get all of my work done before I left so I actually have this week to myself, which is delightful. Literally, funnily enough, as everyone else seems to have fallen asleep. Poor little tykes are all tuckered out haha.

Rather exciting week planned though! Due to be going out tomorrow night with some of my friends from school for a reminiscence session, that’ll be odd. Then typical touristy stuff, including, but not limited to a trip into Stratford-Upon-Avon (May as well try and get some culture in between the sleep and adventure haha) – plus the butterfly farm, and Drayton Manor which should be great. Expect loads of photos, including shameless group selfies.

Anyways, I really should wake this lot up – no sleep on tour!


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