Thursday, 4 September 2014

No place like home

Hiyaaaa J

So I’ve not long gotten back from Italy (see my previous blog post) and I loved every second of it!
Sun, travel and teaching! After a great deal of coursework, stressing, sunburn and language barriers, I can now say I have my Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  So proud of it, and so proud of my class for all working so hard during my time there. Hopefully seeing them next year though!

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play J

Got to see a lot of the scenery out there, and even had a chance to hit the beach in Viareggio – complete with a surprise visit from the other half!

(Well done us for finding the energy to climb the Duomo – awkwardly the least knackering part of my time in Italy).

Out of all of my time there though, the photo above has to be my favourite. It was taken on a day when I took my class out for an afternoon, to explore south of the river – and I had set them the task of speaking English to each other all afternoon while I attempted Italian. I learned that my Italian seriously needs improving, but the Ponte Vecchio is pretty!

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