Monday, 15 September 2014


Back in the UK. Back in London. Back to Business.

So I’ve been back in the UK for a little while now, and the end of the summer is rolling around. Sorry for the lack of contact – been rushed off my feet!

I’ve been working as part of the clearing team for the University of Greenwich again, and honestly it has been such a laugh. Speaking to so many people that attend the same university is great, especially when they all study completely different subjects on completely different campuses. It gives a great chance to be able to meet people I wouldn’t have ordinarily met.

Then there are all the callers, chatters, emailers, tweeters and facebookers that I’ve encountered this summer. So many enquirers from all parts of the world, wanting to know a wide variety of things – from how to apply and when to register to what it is really like to be a student here. I’m lucky in that I’ve lived on campus for the last two years, going on nights out at the Students’ Union and being in a few societies, so I’ve been in the thick of all the action, really. So if people do ask the fateful question ‘What is it like to be a student at Greenwich?’ I can really call upon my experience, and the experience of my colleagues to give a real representation of student life here.

Time to begin year three, I guess! Can totally hear the fear in my voice when I say that, but I’m as ready now as I’ll ever be. Had more than enough hiccups in the last 23 years – If I can deal with those then there is nothing to stop me doing well this year.

Anyhow, I’ve got dissertation research to carry on with, and pictures of Avery Hill to get nostalgic over before the start of third year. Bring it on! 

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