Wednesday, 15 October 2014


So third year is officially in full swing.

My modules have all started, and I’m happy to say I got all of the ones that I wanted for term one and term two! Yay! So in term one I am studying Human Performance in Organisations, Social Forensic Psychology, and Social Psychology 3: Current Social Issues. Coupled with my dissertation work that sounds like a lot, but I really don’t mind when it is all work that I really enjoy doing.

My dissertation is going better than expected – if you’d asked me in first year how I thought that was going to go, I wouldn’t have been able to give a coherent answer, but now everything is starting to pan out (Thanks, supervisor!). Just tying together the last of my ethics work ready to submit, and if the research committee give it the thumbs up, then away I go with data collection! 

Of course, now that the academic year is back in full swing, so are sports and societies. Getting back into Judo and Cheer has been sore after a summer away from it, and needless to say I’m sitting at my desk whimpering and complaining about having sore legs. And shoulders.  And arms. And core. And pretty much everything that can be sore. But it is totally worth it. Anyway, swapping between my normal clothes, work clothes, my Gi and my cheer gear makes me feel kind superhero-ish, up until I waddle into work on a Wednesday after cheer – never been so thankful for the lack of stairs on my journey to work. Or my hot water bottle.

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